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Signs And Symptoms Of Oral Cancer

There are several signs and symptoms of oral cancer commonly associated with this disease. However, some of these signs and symptoms may be as a result of another infection that is not cancer of the oral tissues. Though, it is of importance to note any symptoms that may be an indication of oral cancer. What Are Some Symptoms Of Oral Cancer? Ulcers That Do Not Heal A sore (ulcers) in the mouth that does not heal and also appear as a broken area under the skin is a common oral cancer symptom. About 80% of people with oral cancer...

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What Is Uterine Cancer?

Uterine cancer is a cancer of the muscle and supporting tissues of the uterus. The uterus, or as some refer to as the womb, is a hollow organ which is about the size and shape of a medium pear consisting of two major parts. The two parts which make up the cervix are: Cervix: the lower end of the uterus which extends into the vagina Body: the top of the corpus of the uterus The uterus body is made up of 3 layers which include: The endometrium: This is the inner lining of the uterus. During a woman’s menstrual cycle, hormones cause changes...

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Uterine Cancer Survival Rates And Prognosis

Doctors use survival rates as a way of discussing one’s outlook (prognosis). A five-year survival rate is the percentage of patients who lived for at least five years after diagnosis of cancer. The uterine cancer survival rates also depend on the previous outcomes of large numbers of people who at one point happened to have cancer. However, this can change depending on one’s general health, the grade of the cancer, how well one responds to treatment and the treatment doctors administered. However, these rates are estimates and only apply to first cases of cancer. Relative uterine cancer survival rates are...

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Uterine Cancer Treatment Options

Types Of Treatment Options There are several cancer treatment options that your doctor may recommend. Furthermore, they may combine any of these treatments depending on the result of the initial diagnosis. Nevertheless, there are some treatments that experts generally recommend for treating uterine cancer. Cancer Surgery Surgery is the primary and most common type of cancer treatment option. A surgical oncologist may perform this treatment by removing the affected tissues. Additionally, the main goal of this treatment is to remove as many cancerous tissues as possible. However, as its success rate is not a hundred percent. Most often, doctors...

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Testicular Cancer Signs And Symptoms

Testicular cancer can show itself through various signs and symptoms. However, some of these symptoms may be the result of another infection that is not cancer of the testicle. Nevertheless, it is important to note any sign and symptom that might signal cancer. Common Testicular Cancer Symptoms Lump Or Swelling In The Testicle An enlarged or swollen testicle is one of the first signs of testicular cancer. Nevertheless, it is normal for one testicle to be slightly larger than the other and for one to hang lower than the other. Some tumors of the testicles may cause pain, but on...

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