It is tough to experience symptoms of stomach cancer at early stages, and this is one of the reasons why it was difficult to detect stomach cancer until it advances. Such indications may be caused by other minor conditions which may not be related to stomach cancer, but if the changes are alarming, you will need to meet a physician the major investigate what’s causing the changes.

What Are The Symptoms Of Stomach Cancer?

Sudden Loss of Appetite: Loss of weight and appetite at times may seem to be a standard condition that is caused by other minor conditions, but if you have no better reason for the loss of weight and appetite, it could be as a result of stomach cancer. However, it may not reveal stomach cancer until it advances to an extreme stage. (1)

Stomach Pain: Abdominal pain (Abdominal discomfort) which may worsen after meals could be a symptom of stomach cancer. Swelling in the abdomen (fluid build-up) may also be a result of stomach cancer.

Nausea and Vomiting: Some people with stomach cancer tend to be nauseous and throw up. At times the vomit may or may not have blood in it.

Persistent Heartburn: Persistent severe indigestion, heartburn or symptoms related to ulcers may be signs of stomach cancer.

Bloated Sensation: Feeling of fullness in the upper abdomen after eating a small amount of food (early satiety) could be an indication or one of the symptoms of stomach cancer. Elusive discomfort in the abdomen and it is usually above the belly button (navel). (2)

Jaundice: Jaundice is a yellowish discoloration of the eyes and skin also known as hyperbilirubinemia since the blood contains a high content of bilirubin which is the yellow pigment that causes the discoloration and this may be as a result of stomach cancer.

Other Signs of Stomach Cancer

Dysphagia: It refers to the difficulty in swallowing; furthermore, it is a condition that persists in the throat or esophagus. It makes it difficult for one to take in food or liquid, and this may lead to loss of body weight. However dysphagia can happen to anyone, but when it persists, we advise that you seek medical attention.

Anemia: This is as a result of too few red blood cells. Some cells in the stomach lining make a substance called intrinsic fact (IF), therefore people with insufficient IF eventually ends with a deficiency in vitamin B12 which alters the body ability to make new red blood cells and this can lead to other conditions such as pernicious anemia. Therefore people with this disorder have an increased exposure to stomach cancer.

Excessive Fatigue and Exhaustion: It is usual for one to experience fatigue, but in this case, the feeling of tiredness is irresistible, lack of energy and incompetence of doing things both physically and mentally due to lack of concentration. (3)

Most of the symptoms of stomach cancer are more probably due to things other than stomach cancers. This can either be a stomach virus or an ulcer. They can also relate to other species of disease. People who tend to experience any of these conditions especially if they are chronic should seek immediate medical attention.


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