Cancer treatment options depend on the type and stage of cancer. The age, health, and personal preference will also weigh in on the treatment decision. It is equally important to have a team of doctors who are specialized in different fields to get involved in your cancer care before the commencement of any treatment. These doctors may include:

  • A surgical oncologist: A doctor who treats cancer with radiation therapy.
  • Gastroenterologist: They, on the other hand, are physicians specialized in treating the infections and cancers of the digestive system.
  • A radiation oncologist: A doctor who treats cancer with radiation therapy.
  • A medical oncologist: They are doctors who treat cancer with medicines such as chemotherapy

What Are The Standard Treatments For Stomach Cancer?

Surgery: This is one of the primary cancer treatment options and in the case of stomach cancer, it is sometimes carried out when the cancer is diagnosed during the advanced stages. It is, however, less applicable if cancer has metastasized to the rest of the body or has attached itself to the body’s main blood vessels. (1)

Radiation Oncology: This treatment involves the use of high-energy rays to eliminate the cancerous cells. The most common type is external-beam radiotherapy. Radiation Oncology consists of a specified number of procedures performed over a particular time frame.

Chemotherapy: This method utilizes anti-cancer medication. Additionally, the medications enter the circulatory blood system and spread to affected areas destroying cancerous cells by eliminating their ability to grow and spread. It is important to talk to the doctor or the health management team about all these issues before settling on a treatment decision. (2)

Targeted Therapy: This is a type of treatment of cancer which targets the changes in cancer cells that facilitate their growth, division, and spread. The most common and surgery, radiotherapy, targeted therapy, and chemotherapy are just but the main cancer treatment options. There are many other treatment options available for cancer patients.

Key Takeaway

A detailed understanding of this procedures helps one make an informed decision on the right steps to make. Furthermore, a cancer treatment options rely on one’s current situation in that certain types of cancers will respond positively to particular methods of treatment. A person’s lifestyle and cancer’s location will also influence the best treatment plan.


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